Hendrik Morkel

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Mar 31, 2011

Puh, May is on the doorstep, so quickly writing up the books read in March before coming to April! Only three books in March, but I reckon that's already two more books than the average Joe or Joanne reads =)


The Subtle Knife is the second book of Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" Saga, and continues where part one left us. Lyra lost her best friend, is in a new universe, searches for help, meets new people, discovers gates between universes and has a lot of adventures. Her new friend, Will, who originates from the world as we know it - a world where people don't have dæmons - slowly becomes more than a friend. Pullman really is a master in weaving the storyline, and old familiar names make an appearance, as well as new ones.

The Amber Spyglass is the final installment of the Saga, one in which Mary Malone, introduced in the second part, takes on a quite prominent role. She sets out to find Lyra, and ends up in a world in which evolution created a different kind of skeleton, it alone already a brilliant idea. But the context Pullman creates around the creatures and their culture is on par with what Tolkien has done in The Lord Of The Rings. Of coure also Lyra and Will are very prominent in this book, in which a mighty war breaks out and is fought, God dies, and at the end the two main characters need to go separate ways in order for the universe to stay stable. If you're still in need for a set of books to fill up a few summer weeks, this is a sure bet to entertain and enlighten you.

Moominland Midwinter by Tove Jansson, relaxing yet exciting evening literature not only for kids. The Moomins are the Finnish trolls, very warm and interesting creatures. Usually they go to sleep during the winter, and wake up again in spring - but Moomintroll wakes up and can't fall asleep again, and sets out to explore winter. Sledding, skiing, digging tunnels in the snow and making plenty of new friends and having a few adventures made this a really nice read. Especially recommended if you got kids and need more bedtime literature!

Disclaimer: I will be retiring to the Bahamas if you buy one of the books via the Amazon link above, because the riches it pours over me makes Bill Gates look like a poor wretch.