Hendrik Morkel

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Jul 30, 2011

July had me reading two book. It was a "quality over quantity" kind-of-month, additionally I was on holidays for two weeks, which I obviously didn't use for reading. Fishing, sauna, swimming, eating and drinking with the family was on the plan, and it was highly enjoyable. Anyway.

Mike Clelland's "Ultralight Backpackin' Tips" book is a great short book, not only because of Mike's awesome illustrations. Among the 153 tips for ultralight backpacking there's something new for everyone, be it to try on Neopren Socks for autumn and spring, choosing bold routes or selecting your luxury item - you're sure to get a new idea, or remember an old one. Add in some guest tips by the likes of Ryan Jordan, Andrew Skurka and Glen Van Peski, and you're in for a treat of enlightenment!

The second book was REWORK by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. A "work" related book, which looks at better ways on how to build, run and grow a business. These kind of books exist a dime a dozen, so it is essential to sort the worthy ones from the unworthy ones. REWORK definitely is worth your time. The first few pages themselves were so inspiring, that I got my notebook out and scribbled down some ideas, to better remember them in the future. While I thought that this book will help me to run my company more efficiently, it also helped with the Hiking in Finland blog and the Ultralight A-Z series - superb stuff. Examples? "Remove layers of abstraction", "Focus on things that last", "Gear doesn't matter" and "Don't let yourself be interrupted" are just some of the useful tips in the book. To get the full meaning behind these quotes, get the book. Each idea is explained in a page or three max, and it written in a no-bullshit way which is easy to understand.

Disclaimer: I will be retiring to the Bahamas if you buy one of the books via the Amazon link above, because the riches it pours over me makes Bill Gates look like a poor wretch.